Paltinis: when nature becomes your friend

20 May

Paltinis - Mountain Hiking

The day we decided to move to Sibiu we were happy with the idea of being closer to nature. During our first weekend we had to chose between arranging our home and going and explore the forest, Dumbrava, that starts near the center of the Sibiu. For us it was not a difficult question. Right […]

Poem: Glorious Promise

23 Jan

Mountain Peak

As I descend I may not be visible Believe it I am still there. Before I go I want you to know You are king With a shining crown. Your surface may be getting cold You life getting dark So take these rays Warm your heart. As I descend I promise you friend I’ll be […]

BBC Travel Pioneer

21 Nov

BBC Travel Pioneer

BBC Travel is on the hunt for Travel Pioneers! This is a wonderful opportunity for people who are mad about travel and in living their dream are touching the lives of people around the world. BBC defines them as “people who are changing the way we think about the world“. BBC Travel is inviting people […]

The Rosia Montana Issue

12 Sep

Carpathian Mountains

As I look out the window of the train I see the stunning views of the Carpathian mountains in Romania. What I see reminds me of Canada. The spectacular Transylvanian landscape takes me back to Gatineau Park and the rolling hills of Quebec and Ontario. When the train stops at small town stations I feel […]

Travel Tips for Backpackers

12 Aug

Backpacking Travel Tips

Now that the internet made it possible to view the different marvelous places on our planet, it can be easily said that among the items in everyone’s bucket list is to travel. Since not everyone can afford extravagant travel packages (which includes posh hotels), the trend is more inclined to backpacking. Aside from staying within […]