10 Shots of Morocco

Morocco is a real adventure. There’s a lot to explore in this culturally rich and geographically diverse country, if you survive it. It’s truly an exotic destination, action packed with adventure but often lacking in human kindness and genuine hospitality.

These 10 photo’s sum up the wonderful, learning experience I had during my travel in this popular North African kingdom – Morocco.


#10. Koutoubia Mosque, Marrakech

Located near the famous Jemaa el-Fnaa square, Koutoubia is the largest mosque in Marrakech. The mosque has a large courtyard for worshipers to pray in community (jama’at) and an extensive garden area with lots of shade, perfect for rest on a hot summer day.

Koutoubia Mosque, Marrakech

Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech


#09. Spice Market, Essouira

From pepper to viagra, you can find any kind of spice, herb, or medicine at most of these spice shops. This one was in Essouira, a fishing village on the Atlantic coast. The spices are actually rubbed on to a pyramidal object to produce this perfect presentation.

Spices in Essouira

Spice presentation at a shop in Essouira.


#08. Fortification of Essouira

Know as the Wind City of Africa, Essouira is a perfect retreat, just two-hours outside of Marrakech on the Atlantic coast. The cool ocean breeze makes mellow even the most determined salesperson in the markets. Here’s a shot of the medina from outside the old fortification once built by the Portuguese.

Fortification of Essouira

View of the medina of Essouira from outside the old walls.


#07. Tanneries of Fes

Never visit the tanneries without a bunch of mint unless you have a extraordinarily strong stomach! The tanneries are a great place to see the locals engaged in traditional craft, converting animal skin in to beautiful leather products. The tanneries are located in the Medina of Fes an entire district in the city designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tanneries of Fes

View of the tanneries in Fes.


#06. Market Street, Marrakech

One of the most animated places I have ever visited – the markets of Marrakech. You are literally pulled in every direction and intense bargaining is game that must be engaged in. If you ever want to really enliven all your senses, go to the Medina of Marrakesh, filled with colour, smells, sounds, and life like you’ve never experienced.

Market Street in Marrakech

A market scene in the medina of Marrakech


#05. Berber Music in the Sahara

It seemed that all human kindness in Morocco was concentrated here in one spot on the edge of the Sahara. These Berbers, indigenous ethnic group of North Africa, are the perfect hosts and incredible artisans, still practicing many traditional arts. Right after they fed us delicious local food, they entertained us with traditional music and dance.

Berber Drummers in the Sahara

Berber drummers at the campsite in western Sahara.


#04. Al Attarine Madrasa, Fes

Walking in to the Al Attarine Madrasa was like walking in to a completely different world. A world of beauty, peace and spirituality.Finely decorated with wood, porcelain and marble with ornate art and beautiful scripture the madrasa (arabic word for school) was build between 1323-25 and takes it’s name from the spice and perfume market, where it’s located.

Al Attarine Madrasa, Fes

Courtyard of Al Attarine Madrasa in Fes


#03. Sahara Sunrise

An incredible sunrise in the western Sahara. I sat on top a dune, feeling the fresh, cool air on my skin as I watched the sun emerge from the hills on the other side of the border that Morocco shares with Algeria.

Sunrise in the Sahara

Sunrise in western Sahara.


#02. Worlds Oldest University, Kairaouine in Fes

Kairaouine Mosque is a gorgeous oasis to relax and meditate with it’s marble floors, flowing fountains, and worshipers praying and reciting the holy Qura’an. In this photo worshipers perform ritual ablutions before the afternoon prayers. Kairaouine is known to be the world’s oldest university founded back in 859 A.D.!

Kairaouine Mosque, Fes

Worshipers performing ritual ablutions at the Kairaouine Mosque in Fes


#01. Aït Benhaddou Fortress

Chances are you have seen this scene in one of the many hit Hollywood productions that have been filmed at the Ait Benhaddou Fortress. The fortress is, however, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has historically served as an important stop on the caravan route between the Sahara and Marrakech. This is a must visit site for all itinerary to Morocco.

Aït Benhaddou Fortress

Aït Benhaddou Fortress.


So there you have it folks! Hope you’ve enjoyed the visuals. If you’re planning a trip to Morocco and want some tips or advice, email me.

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