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It’s almost been a week since I have been on the road. I am starting to find my rhythm and have realized that there is a lot that I want share. Sometimes time is limited or my surroundings only allow for quick posts on Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to read the most up-to-date and quick updates from my journey here’s a few good ways to do it:

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I am writing a journal daily and plan to share more reflections, tips, and experiences on I will try to make sure these posts are as frequent as possible. So in the meantime, let’s use social media to keep in touch.


Where I am now:

I started the Camino de Santiago today. I arrived last night at a small, medieval town, St. Jean-Pied-de-Port in the Basque region of France. This morning I walked over 25 km (32 km adjusting for the climb) over the Pyrenees Mountains to an elevation of 1,390 meters. After crossing the border to Spain I gradually descended down to the town of Roncesvalles in the province of Navarra.

Read my reflections from Day 1 of the Camino on Facebook. I look forward to sharing more soon. In the meanwhile, here’s a picture of me in the Pyrenees once I had climbed above the clouds.


Walking the Camino de Santiago

On Camino de Santiago, above the clouds in the Pyrenees mountains of France


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