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Choosing the right photography gear was an important decision at the beginning of my backpacking adventure. The camera I chose had to be perfect in size, features, durability, and, to some extent, in price. After all, I was finally going to visit all the places I had only dreamed of. Who knew if I’ll get this opportunity to shoot those distant lands and cultures ever again?

Traveling, I feel my photography skills improved. As I documented my journey, I learned to take pictures in different conditions, working with a range of subjects, and learned to compose the perfect shot even in a rush (that cheetah was not going to chase the wildebeest forever!). Except for the photos that are published on BBC Travel and other publications, I have never made money off of my photographs. That’s mostly because, (A) I never really planned to, and (B) I didn’t know how or where to start. But that’s all about to change for travelers who are interested in funding their passion to travel with their love for photography.

An international team of tech geeks and travel junkies is about to launch a platform that is going to be the equivalent of an Airbnb or Uber for photography. The idea behind pinpic is simple: provide customers easy access to photographers, in an instant. The idea was born when Co-founder, Alen Ankajcan, was on a beach holiday with his girlfriend in Pefkohori, Greece. White sandy beaches and a bright Mediterranean sun made it impossible to get a decent selfie with both of them in it. Asking strangers to take a picture didn’t fare well either. Strangers are just not that committed nor trained to taking the perfect photo of your special moment. Thanks to some lousy holiday photos, Alen realised that he would have been happy to pay a photographer during his otherwise memorable trip. But how do you find a photographer in moments like this? pinpic is about to answer that question within the next few months.

If you’re still you’re scratching your head, wondering how? Here’s a recent blog post that might help: Questions Photographers ask pinpic.

With pinpic, travelers with photography skills have an opportunity to travel and work whenever and wherever they choose. Even a single photo shoot might cover the cost of food-and-shelter or a bus ride in most places in the world. Details about the tools and features that pinpic will offer are still to be announced. However, the most important thing to remember is that pinpic will always be free for photographersThat’s right! You pay nothing, except credit card transaction fees, as a photographer.

pinpic for photographersAs a Co-founder, there are two idea’s that especially get me excited about building pinpic: First, that we’re making it possible for people to reclaim their memories by being in them; and second we’re creating opportunities for travelers and photographers to fund their passion and keep on going!

Go to now and join to be among the first to get access.

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