Poem: Glorious Promise

Fagaras Mountains, Sibiu

A view of the Făgăraș Mountains seen from Sibiu, Romania. Photo by Urooj Qureshi.

As I descend
I may not be visible
Believe it
I am still there.

Before I go
I want you to know
You are king
With a shining crown.

Your surface may be getting cold
You life getting dark
So take these rays
Warm your heart.

As I descend
I promise you friend
I’ll be back
To illuminate your glory.

Sleep now
Be calm
It’s a sun’s promise
To a mighty mountain.

Poem by Urooj Qureshi

13 Jan, 2014 – This poem was inspired while observing the last rays of the sun illuminate the peaks of the Făgăraș mountains (seen in the photo, above) during sunset in Sibiu, Romania.


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